Kensil C is a granulated Diatomaceous Earth used for amendment, soil conditioning and, for drainage as part of a hydroponic substrate.
It is produced from a unique natural material diatomaceous earth. Grains vary in size from 0.01-and are classified into groups for different soil uses.

KENSIL C Benefits

  • Reduction in watering
  • Increase in soil porosity Dense turf, resistance to soil wearing and drought
  • Rapid seed germination
  • Water and nutrients and improved balance
  • Prevention of soil compaction
  • Improved soil aeration and absorption capacity
  • Reduction in watering and maintenance costs
  • Increase in soil oxygen levels


  1. Laying Lawns
  2. In green houses & farms
  • Kensil C encourages the plant to grow stronger roots which in turn helps the plan to resist disease and water stress
  • Kensil C helps the plants in green houses to increase crop yields due to stronger roots system and by providing sufficient water during stress periods.