Since its establishment in 1942, African Diatomite Industries Limited (ADIL) has continued to remain one of the leading processor and supplier of fresh water Diatomaceous Earth products(KENSIL) in Sub Saharan Africa. ADIL is situated about 120 km northwest of Nairobi and it is within the region of the Great Rift Valley whose formation gave rise to unique natural structures including pre-historic sites like Kariandusi near Gilgil. The proximity of ADIL processing plant to its deposits enables the company to substantially reduce its raw ore haulage costs that are reflected in its competitive pricing to its cherished customers.

Over the years, ADIL has expanded its processing facility and is able to offer a number of products with wide applicability in various industrial sectors. Subsequently, with its expanded production capacity, ADIL has equally endeared itself to its existing markets in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa and continues to expand to new horizons as it tailors its products to various market niches beyond African continent. Some of the industries served with our products include the brewing industry, winery industry, fruit juice processing industry, edible oil processing, paint industry, construction industry, plastic manufacturing and agricultural sectors among others.  

ADIL’s range of products branded KENSIL covers filter aids; coatings; plastics; construction; absorbents; agricultural; animal and public health products. These products are formulated with high level of quality standards that not only meet regulatory requirements but also incorporates customer’s unique needs and requirements.  ADIL continues to expand its product range through its newly created Product R & D section.{/slider}


To produce the best High quality Diatomite earth Filter Aid powder, to meet our Customers' Quality Demands as per the International Standards. We Endeavour to make ADIL the preferred provider of Filter aid and Filler Product's round the globe.


"To Make Kensil the Best and most preferred Diatomaceous earth Brand for the Domestic and International Market"


We at ADIL shall remain committed to production of high Quality Kensil Products that meet the international standards to the satisfaction of our Customers' needs both domestic and International; whilst ensuring Customer's delight at a fair Price. We Shall Endeavour to maintain and continuously improve the effectiveness of our Quality management systems, to meet and exceed customers expectations in Accordance with ISO 9001-2000 requirements.

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