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About ADIL
African Diatomite Industries Limited (ADIL) was established in 1942 as the leading mining and processing diatomaceous earth filter aid products in the East and Central African region. The company is located 120kilometersNorthwest of Nairobi, along Nairobi – Nakuru Highway at Kariandusi near Gilgil Township in the County of Nakuru.
Vision: To be the preferred global leader of diatomaceous earth and related products.

Mission:To Produce diatomaceous earth products for our customers in a sustainable environment

Filter products. ADIL provides wide range of filter aid products based on diatomaceous earth tailored to customers’ filtration needs that enable them to achieve optimum permeability without compromising on clarity. These products are used in brewery, winery, fruit juice processing and edible oil industries together with resin filtration in paint industry. The products are:
Kensil 90
Kensil 100
Kensil 110
Kensil SSF
Kensil 30

Coatings, Insulation and Construction (filler). These products provide the perfect solutions for paint industry as an extending and flattening agent providing attenuation to paint gloss and sheen. Kensil super properties makes it ideal for insulating, strengthening and stabilizing of welding rods and lagging of boilers. The product grades are:
Kensil 99
• Kensil Lagging
• Kensil BU
• Kensil F



This product is specially formulated to protect pets and their housing from invading fleas and mites as well as other crawling insects. It comes in a variety of packages to suit customers’ needs. The product grades are Kensil Guard and Diakill. e) Grain Preservative. Kensil super dust is a perfect product targeting the large grain borer, weevils, mites, moths and beetles. This is a natural product with high efficacy in the preservation of grains. The only product grade is Kensil super dust.



These products are formulated with high level of quality standards that not only meets regulatory requirements but also incorporates customer’s unique needs and requirements. ADIL continues to expand its product range through its Product R & D section.

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We are proud to offer high quality Diatomaceous Earth products to local and international
clients in the beer filtration, edible oil, fruit processing, paint manufacturing,
insect icides/pesticides production, agriculture industries & human dietary

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