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NatsilĀ®contains high levels of silica which is a colorless white, chemical compound. Human beings use silica as food additives while it is also used inĀ 
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Kensil 110
This is a Flux calcined fast flowrate filter aid, for filtering of lubricating oils, vegetable oils, and other viscous liquids. Also used for swimming pool filter
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Kensil 100
Kensil 100 is a Flux calcined, Medium flow rate filter aid, for filtering sugar Syrup, dry cleaning solvents, water, fruit and Juices. The applications and physical properties is as shown below:-
Kensil 90
Kensil 90 is a flux calcined medium flow rate filter aid, for filtering beer, sugar syrup, dry cleaning solvents, water and fruit juices ,etc. Have a preview of some of Kensil 90 Applications
Kensil Special Superfine
Kensil Special Superfine Is a Slow flow rate natural filter aid used for beer filtration and other filtration applications where a high degree of clarity is required. Read more....
kensil 99
kensil 99 is a Flux calcined filler Grade, used as a flatting agent in paints, in paper manufacture and as a mild abrasive in automobile polishes and rubbing down
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Kensil F
Kensil F is a natural filler grade for use as an insectcide diluent, a coating agent for fertilizers, a filter in soap manufacture, and in a wide variety of other
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