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African Diatomite Industries Limited is a privately owned mining company, which manufactures branded Diatomite fillers and filter aid end products.

Being the only Diatomite dealers in East, Central and Southern Africa,we have with time been able to deal with various industries in sectors of an economy; both locally and internationally.

Among them: Breweries, Fruit Canners, Edible Oil Refineries, Top Soft Drink brand Industries, Welding, Pest Control Agencies,Paint Manufacturers,Dry Cleaning,Soap Manufacturers and many others.

Kensil Brands

We have a wide range of Kensil Brands that suit your Specific needs as far as quality maintainance is concerned

Natural Material

We are preveleged to have a natural material that is readily available

Splendid Performance

KENSIL brands have a splendid performance given in various applications.


The production capacity is currently at 30 tones per day; 900 tones per month which translates to 10,800 tones annually.
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